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OPE Tax Policy Tool

Welcome to the OPE tax policy tool. This interactive application allows you to experiment with hypotheses about tax policy changes and possibly see relationships that may not have been considered.

Based on your input, the tool generates a basic logic model that clarifies the link between changes to business taxes and anticipated outcomes. For example, if you expect that a reduction in the sales tax rate will stimulate job growth, the tool calculates the increase in taxable income necessary to offset the reduction in sales tax revenue.

You will be asked to enter the following information:
  • Tax type to change
  • Amount of change for the selected tax type
  • Revenue sources expected to offset the tax change
The tool summarizes the logic of the selected tax policy change in relation to its anticipated outcome. The logic and calculations in the output represent the hypothesis you are evaluating. The output can help you determine the likelihood that the cost of the policy change you selected can be offset by changes in revenue from your selected revenue sources.

Select Tax Type

Select the tax type you would like to modify.

Tax Change Amount

Equivalent to:
New percentage:
Revenue amount:
Click on a radio button then enter a value to select: (1) a state whose tax you want Idaho's to match, (2) a new tax rate, or (3) a specific amount of reduced revenue because of your tax policy change (e.g., a targeted exemption).

What Percentage of the Revenue Change Will Be Offset?

What percentage of the change in revenue will be offset?
Enter a percentage from 0 to 200:
  • 0 = no revenue will be recouped
  • 100 = all revenue will be recouped
  • >100 = net increase in annual state revenue

What Revenue Sources Will Offset the Revenue Change?

Revenue unaccounted for
Select up to three revenue sources from which to offset the change in revenue. Assign each a percentage so that the combined sources sum to 100.

Summary Report

Additional Considerations

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